The Healthiest Foods You Should Be Eating (Hint: Find Many of these at Aero Service!)

Apple cider vinegar is a phenomenal food item that you’ve probably never tried, but will never go back from when you do try it. It’s a live, probiotic product, which means there are lots of tiny microorganisms living inside it, and they’re amazing for your gut health. It also has a lot of other nutrients in it, and it’s a great health drink when you mix a small amount into a glass of water: zingy, peppy, and perfect for getting you thinking better without the crash you get from coffee!

Sweet potatoes are the perfect substitute for normal potatoes, which are basically pure starch. These are low-carb, high-fiber tubers you can use in all the same ways (just cook them longer, is the general rule). They have antioxidants like berries, as well as lots of other nutrients. I use them for anything like hash browns or breakfast bakes, and they’re really good for making our knish!

Olive oil: what’s there to say, really? Anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that olive oil is the healthiest fat on the planet, and it’s the main secret of the mediterranean diet. It’s an unsaturated fat that helps your heart, joints, brain, and basically every other part of your body. Just use it for everything, except it does burn at really high temperatures, which is when I substitute with coconut oil.

Salmon is the other great fat item on this list. It has lots of omega acids, which are super good for heart health, cholesterol, and all that. It’s also lean protein, and it tastes so, so good. Definitely the best fish from a nutritional standpoint, and you can cook it without any extra grease because of all its natural oils.


Dark chocolate (60% or more cocoa) is full of antioxidants, and the must-do alternative to normal milk chocolate (which, let’s face it, is kinda gross anyway, don’t you think?). Dark chocolate isn’t cloyingly sweet, and it has much more interesting of a taste than milk chocolates or lighter things. We use it for literally every baked good we make. In small amounts, it’s officially a health food, so no feeling guilty about our cookies!

Yogurt is by far the healthiest dairy product you can find, because it’s the most protein-packed. It also has live cultures living in it, like cider vinegar, which makes it much better for your gut than milk or cheese. Fun fact: if you can’t eat eggs, yogurt works as a binder for baked stuff! Make sure you go for the grass fed yogurt, though, because it’s a completely different experience. WAY better taste and more nutrient content than yogurt from cows who eat grain.

Carrots are another of the absolute best sources of both nutrition and flavor for juice! Carrot juice is full of beta carotene, which is like medicine for eyes and mental function. It’s also got some of the sweetness of apples without all the sugar content, and with a more interesting tang to its flavor profile. We use it for carrot, ginger, beet juice, and as a sweetener and balancer for the flavors in our green juice blends! Definitely one of the best fruits and vegetables for juicing, period.

Asparagus is absolutely underrated as a vegetable, probably because so many people have had bad experiences with it. Cooked badly, it’s slimy and disgusting. But done right, it’s absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t have really great asparagus until I came to college, when I had it off the grill at a nutrition department cookout. Holy crap. So good! It has basically no carbs or calories to speak of, which makes it a good choice for anyone trying to cut sugar, and it has tons of vitamin K. We don’t put it in juices at the moment, but we’re experimenting with ways to incorporate the sweet, nutty green flavor in future blends.

Almonds are a prime ingredient in our baked snacks, from moon cookies to our oatmeal bars. They’re just a fantastic nut overall–all the nutrients from peanut butter without being as heavy. I love almond butter on apple slices or toast, and raw almonds are a great thinking snack (something you can tell yourself about our baked items as well!).

Chicken is definitely the best of the land-based protein sources for meat-eaters. It’s the leanest of beef, pork and lamb, and it’s pretty much straight protein. There’s very little fat, which basically means there’s no downside to it as a protein source.
Ok, kind of a random list, I know, but some of the healthy foods I’m most passionate about, and hope you are too! You can look for a lot of them in our foods, and now you know what they’re doing for you on the inside.

The Best Juicers Used by Us Here at Aero Service

Here at Aero Service, we pride ourselves in our ability to crank out high-quality snacks made with premium ingredients that taste fantastic in rapid timeframes. After all, we want to get it straight on the drone to your dorm or apartment. To do that requires a lot of creative thinking as far as how we make our juices, cookies, and other products.


Today on the blog, here’s a closer look at how we prepare your juices:


First, we have to find a balance between getting you high quality, fresh ingredients, and making sure we can prepare them into juice really fast. So, what we do is buy a bunch of bulk produce (organic and local wherever possible), and chop it into chunks at the beginning of every day. Once we have some bins of each one chopped, we’re good to go.


When you place an order on the app, we jump right into action, grabbing a certain amount of hunks of each ingredient to make sure our recipes are consistent every time. The produce goes straight in the juicer and into our compostable cups to travel to you!


It was tricky to find the right juicer to use for this kind of a business. On the one hand, slow juicers are the best from a cost-effectiveness point of view, because they don’t waste any juice in the pulp once they’ve squeezed it. On the other hand, fast juicers that can blitz through pounds of produce in seconds have their own appeal, because they let us serve you faster. Slow juicers can take a long, long time to use, because you have to individually feed in each strip of produce, and wait for it to get processed. It also takes more prep time than we want to be spending to cut pieces small enough to fit in. But fast juicers waste so, so much good juice in the pulp, and they leave out all the fiber content, instead of mushing it into liquid. So you end up with watery juice that’s just not as nice to drink, and it’s not as filling or nutritionally rich.


Before we expanded into juices, we spent a long time doing internet research, like you do, to try and find a creative solution. After we read lots of sites that said they had the best juicer reviews for the money, we happened upon the KitchenAid, which isn’t one of the best-selling juicers out there, but it’s definitely our favorite.


The KitchenAid is both a slow juicer and a fast juicer at the same time, which we know sounds kind of counterintuitive. Basically, it has a blitzing blade and a squeezing awl in the same machine, which gives us the best of both worlds. We can keep our costs down because we’re getting the most out of our produce, and we can still get juice to you quickly.


It also gives us juice with a lot of squished fiber content, which is what makes our blends seem so creamy compared to watery juices you get a lot of places. We consider that a big selling point, and we hope you appreciate the difference in texture.


And we never use ingredients leftover from one day to another. One benefit of using an app for business is that we can track exactly how much we’re using to make a more accurate estimate of how much produce we’re going to need each day.

If you’ve been using our juice service for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been offering some more flavors recently. We’ve been experimenting with trying to find the right balance between having lots of options and making sure we actually use all our ingredients on a regular basis. It’s been tricky, but recently we’ve definitely hit the right balance.
Let us know what you think! We hope you appreciate learning a little bit more about why our juices are the best you can get anywhere in the area!